Have Some Transparent Hyrule Warriors Character Art

That Nintendo direct event last night sure didn’t skimp on info. Hyrule Warriors received a lot of new characters, one of which is Ganondorf, praise Hylia. So, there’s once more some character art that goes with it. As always, we’ve made our efforts to give you transparent renders for all your graphic design needs. We tried that before a few times, remember? We care. Anyway, you’ll find them at the bottom.

There’s still a long month to go before Hyrule Warriors hit the Western shores. Japan will get it on August 14, but Europe has to wait until September 19, 2014. We guarantee that this is the first Dynasty Warriors, sort of, title that so many people have been anticipating. Crowds are probably divided in how the spinoff is handling the fan-guarded (vanguarded?) lore that is so precious for the Legend of Zelda series. We totally want something fresh like this though, plus it even makes the Dynasty Warriors franchise a lot more playful, so it’s a double win.

Hyrule Warriors Wii U

Along with the announcements of characters, Hyrule Warriors also received a collector’s edition that comes with a scarf.  Apparently, Link wears one in the game and that’s super memorable. We received some primo shots of that as well. Previously, we detailed Mario Kart 8’s gorgeous limited edition bundle with transparent renders, but this is literally just a scarf. Still, if you want us to post it up, give us a yell and well give you a shot of both box and scarf.

Finally, we got some Hyrule Warriors screenshots, the latest batch with Ganondorf and pals, but it’s rather huge. So, we put the selection of 61 pretty lush shots on imgur.

Now, here are those transparent character artworks we talked about.


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