The Golf Club Is Now A Real-Life Golf Simulation, Thanks To ProTee United

Sponsorships keep rolling in for The Golf Club, as it has reached an agreement with golfing company ProTee United. They’ll work together to bring the game to new crowds.

ProTee United makes and sells golf simulators, so they’ll take the golf simulation of The Golf Club and put it in their golf simulator for golf simulation. Maybe we should rephrase that. Essentially, the company makes boxes that have a little fairway soil and a screen in front of it that projects a golf course. In this box, people can use a real golf cub and a ball to whack at the screen’s projection, which then calculates where the shot is headed.

The Golf CLub

With the partnership, the real-life simulation will make use of the game and its user-created courses for a ton of content. Previously, The Golf Club already proved its superior realism when pro athlete Greg Norman announced that they would use it for their real-life course designing company.

It’s absolutely amazing the sheer level of real applications The Golf Club is achieving. It’s like it’s transcending from a simple entertainment product. And to think that all developer HB Studios had to do was to cut its ties with EA, from working on their sports titles previously.

Even from our time before it reached Steam through Early Access, we were fairly impressed at both how smooth gameplay felt and how easy course creation was. Games are pretty damn amazing sometimes.


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