Rift MMO Gets Cubic Cape From Sandbox Game Trove In Cross Promotion

Publisher Trion Worlds is trying to pass off some cross promotion for its titles. It’s linking Trove with Rift through unlocked content.

From now on, early adopters of Trove, the company’s voxel sandbox title, will receive a cape to use in Rift, their free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. All Alpha backers of the blocky builder need to do is reach level 10 to unlock a Cubic Cape. This item features the game brand’s green and yellow colors, as well as the sideways cube depicting its voxel style.

Trove Cupic Cape Rift free to play MMO

Currently, Trove is on sale through the game’s site. Where normally its lowest support tier of $5 only grants Beta access, people who buy it until August 10 will be able to play immediately. Moreover, anyone who has purchased the basic tier before will be granted Alpha status now as well.

Trion Worlds is clever to use Rift, its most popular outlet, to promote its latest project, since it’s a bit quiet on their charming little voxel title. It doesn’t look bad at all, the Cornerstone teleportation of content sounds like a great idea, but the masses may be experiencing sandbox fatigue.

Aside from these two titles, the publisher also has another MMO, the troubled Defiance license, as well as the recent Steam release of ArcheAge.


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