This Is The Problem With Sacred 3

Reviewing games is hard, well, it should be hard. Trying to point out exactly what the problem with a game is, can be a tricky process, certainly when games like Sacred 3 try to take on an entirely different style. Still, sometimes there are painfully obvious flaws as well.

Sacred 3

Humor is a subjective beast. It’s just not clear what someone finds funny and another doesn’t. Sacred 3, however, plays with different rules altogether when it comes to jokes. It chooses the carpet bombing approach.

They’re not even really jokes, but just words, predictably punted one after the other, in hopes someone will giggle at its low-brow manners. Again, infantile banter can be genuinely funny in delivery, but when it’s done in the frequency that Sacred 3 does it, it loses the punchline a bit. How many jokes really stay funny after hearing them for the tenth time? How about the fiftieth time or more? You decide. In the following clip, we run down one mission in the game. It might not sound like a lot of time, but it will be plenty to get at least a few dozen jabs in.

One thought on “This Is The Problem With Sacred 3

  1. I can appreciate a game that doesn’t treat itself too seriously, but I agree the gags in Sacred 3 could have been better. It would have benefited from better writing as it isn’t as funny as it thinks it is.

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