“Genre Jumping” Bedlam Now On Early Access With Gameplay Trailer

So, Bedlam is out now on Steam through Early Access and it’s not getting that much traction. Maybe the latest trailer for the “genre jumping” shooter will help frame the title with some gameplay.

See, throwing out terms like “genre jumping” is confusing to people. That might hurt your exposure, certainly when most of Bedlam just looks like a classic nineties shooter, but with some tweaks here and there. Moreover, the game was announced as being part of a novel that’s based on being stuck in a game. There were even talks of making this a trilogy of books about games that are being made into other games.

So, what is Bedlam? It’s mostly a shooter, probably. Though, the main character will also experience other game genres, but in a first person perspective. Likely, it will involve playing arcade cabinets or something? Probably that. Gameplay is sectioned in several levels, from blasting through army dudes to going to cyber environments. Weapons equally range from traditional weaponry to some more outlandish choices.

Bedlam early access steam pc

Look, the trailer is not doing any favors on the whole weirdness angle, but that’s also part of the charm of Bedlam. Moreover, this purposely mimicking shooters such as old Doom or Quake releases, but in a modern setting, is an intriguing design choice.

Currently, Bedlam costs $19.99 or €14.99 on Early Access. It will go up to $29.99 upon full release.


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