Jeff Anderson, Randal From Clerks, Gets Randal’s Monday Trailer With More Clerks

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment announced that they would put Jeff Anderson, known for their role as Randal in Clerks, in Randal’s Monday, the game. Now, there’s a video with some voice work from the actor.

Aside from seeing how Anderson translates the known voice of a wisecracking malcontent in the game, this is also a chance to see the world of Randal’s Monday as is. One thing’s certain: They’ve either exhausted all the pop culture references they could in this one video or there will be so many, it’s going to be like a quoting piñata.

Randal's Monday Clerks PC game

Seriously, in three minutes, we’ve seen things pass like Half-Life, Star Wars, Back to the Future and even Clerks. There’s a Clerks reference, like a seriously blunt one as well. We take it Randal’s Monday is really for the Family Guy addict like ourselves, who just revel in pop culture nerd stuff. It’s ok to be geeky, at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

Randal’s Monday will be out in fall of 2014 for PC.


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