No PS Vita Love At Sony’s Gamescom 2014 Event. Will A Montage Do?

Sony didn’t give a lot of attention to the PS Vita during their Gamescom 2014 conference. In fact, it was hard to spot at all. They did, however, make a montage of a dozen or so titles. Is that good enough to keep you going with your handheld?

Frankly, not even the reel does a lot of justice to the device. We’re shown a few ports, a bunch of already released products and maybe one exclusive. It even has a few snippets that it already used for the E3 montage, which is a fairly problematic display of how dry the well is running. Worse yet, it’s being promoted more and more as a mere extension of the Playstation 4, like owning a really pricey controller for it.

There really aren’t that many games being pushed on Vita right now, that’s just the sad reality. At E3 2014, at least there was a mention of dozens of titles being production and a slew of free-to-play games to look forward to, but not much on the tangible side since.

Ps vita montage gamescom

Still, it isn’t all bad. Technically, Volume shown off during the conference will come to Vita, so will a few others. Exclusives are just on a low flame for now. How sad was it to see Tearaway being pushed to PS4 though? Seriously, it’s a game so synonymous with Vita now, it’s even being used in this very clip as a mascot. That was kind of a weird move, Sony. You can make up for it by lowering the price of memory cards.


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