Gamescom 2014 Does Have A Vita Exclusive Trailer: The Hungry Horde

Since we just wrote up a post for Sony sort of ditching the PS Vita yesterday, we thought we’d try to follow up and search for any Vita news for you. There is a Playstation Vita exclusive at Gamescom 2014 that released some footage and it’s called The Hungry Horde. This title is a combination of zombie genre, mini-games and cute graphics.

One of the things you’ll be doing in The Hungry Horde is bolstering an army of undead. You’ll run through an apocalyptic scene in isometric view, chomping up the living and adding them to the ranks of a growing swarm.

There are also several mini-games to attend to, such as disco fever dancing. The Hungry Horde has some shooting mechanisms as well, for those who want to see the action from its usual vantage point. It’s possible to collect a whole list of different bodies and customize the blocky faces of these characters.

the hungry horde ps vita

Sure, it may not be the awesome processing power the handheld was devised for at work here, but any original take is currently higher in our books than no attempt at all. It’s less likely to be up your alley, but other PS Vita exclusives include a new augmented reality (AR) Invizimals title. Here as well, we enjoy seeing companies take advantage of the full range of capabilities a device has, instead of just trying to make a game as uniform as possible.


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