Demon King Box Mixes Tower Defense With Persona Fusing

Publisher Circle Entertainment will release Demon King Box on Nintendo 3DS on August 21, 2014 in North America. As with their previous releases, the price tag is kept to a minimal $3.99. There’s a trailer and a few screenshots and assets to go with that.

Demon King Box is a rather eclectic title. It seems to mix lane tower defense models with roleplaying game (RPG) tactics. Players are tasked with collecting a horde of monsters to do their bidding on the battlefield. Different lines roll out enemies that have to be crippled with each monster’s individual attack.

What’s captivating about Demon King Box is its thickly outlined visuals with rich colors and detailed illustrations. Attacks fill the screen with the silhouettes of characters, sweeping by like in other anime releases. Strangely enough, colossal dragons and other critters are accompanied in the roster by girls with boobs. We say it like that, because that’s exactly the one focus some models have, for reasons.

A neat addition to Demon King Box is that it does the whole Persona thing. You can fuse together a pair of your monster roster to create a new, more powerful version.

Here are those Demon King Box screenshots we talked about.


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