Alphadia Genesis “First True JRPG Coming To Wii U” From Natsume

Publisher Natsume, known for the Harvest Moon series, will bring Kemco’s Japanese roleplaying game (JRPG) Alphadia Genesis to Nintendo Wii U in North America.  It’s currently planned for fall of 2014. Natsume is rather bold about this announcement, calling it “the first true JRPG coming to WiiU in North America” on their Facebook page.

Together with the announcement, the company lays out the storyline and the cast of characters. It takes place in Alphadia in the Year 1092. Two kingdoms, Augustine and Archleign, fight over a resource called Energi, which is a central piece in combat as well. Furthermore, characters in battle can make use of combo attacks. We’ll give you one of the accompanying screenshots of the party members in Alphadia Genesis below, along with a short description.

Fray: A local guild member of the Archleign kingdom, proficient with swords and Fire elements.

Alphadia Genesis

Aurra: Sister to Fray and Energi researcher able to clone people, also has an affinity for the Light element.

Alphadia Genesis

Enah: A clone that fights with chakras, primarily uses Water element.

Alphadia Genesis

Corone: Also a Light weilder, from the Kingdom of Augustine, sent to investigate clones.

Alphadia Genesis

Walter: Another Augustine investigator with a penchant for Water and a distaste for Fray.

Alphadia Genesis

There will be a sixth member in Alphadia Genesis, which will get revealed at a later date. Previously, the JRPG was brought out on mobile devices for iOS and Android. Kemco specializes in mobile releases these days, having also put out the quite excellent Band of Monsters.


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