King Debuts Candy Crush Saga In China

Publisher King Digital Entertainment is extending its reach by launching Candy Crush Saga in China. Its localized version is now available through Tencent’s App Center and Apple’s App Store.

Candy Crush Saga - The Banner Saga Pc Game comparison

Hereby, King taps into a relatively new market for most modern gaming companies, as China has only recently started opening for outside platforms. For example, Microsoft is also moving the Xbox One to the country, as major consoles had been banned for over a decade prior to that. Guild Wars 2 also launched as one of the first massively multiplayer online (MMO) games of their model. It instantly rocketed its sales to over 3 million units.

King needs Candy Crush Saga to become an instant hit in China. Earlier this year, the company went up for public trading and it has been getting walloped since its first day on the stock market. Trades managed to climb over the starting bid briefly in July, but plummeted just as quickly afterwards. Aside from their most popular candy title, King still creates multiple other franchises for social media, such as the announcement of Bubble Witch Saga 2 for Facebook.


Gamers might be more familiar with the bad faith King has garnered over the course of the last year, by trying to push its trademarks aggressively. In the process, the company was scorned for going after games like The Banner Saga on the mere mention of a saga in their name, among several other missteps.


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