Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms New Dev Diary Shows Shadow Realm

Early Access title Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms has a new developer diary that talks about its alternate world, the Shadow Realm. This is where the PC roleplaying game (RPG) holds its central Devourer monster, which holds the power to control characters in the normal world.

Shifting between realms has some unique gameplay designs. For instance, it’s possible to find two completely different worlds in the same mirrored places, with other traps, creatures and so on. This sets up a puzzle elements with some monsters, as a boss that can be seen reanimating creatures from beyond the Shadow Realm. Only by letting the Devourer defeat the enemy in their space is it possible to let characters elsewhere stop from respawning. This puzzle element comes with hint systems as well, but it’s possible for hardcore players to turn those off and just rely on brain power.

Souls can be collected in the Shadow Realm as well. This heals up the main character and alters their ability to control people. Controlling more souls comes with some select disadvantages to balance things out.

Shadows Heretic Kingdoms

Lastly, there’s the mention that Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms could include multiplayer at some point, but it depends on community feedback. While we’re not exactly the multiplayer type of people, RPGs are usually fairly entertaining with some company. Maybe someone should mention it to the developers.


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