Whispering Willows Sold More On Steam In Two Days Than Three Months On Ouya

A while ago, developer Night Light Interactive decided to bundle its 2D thriller adventure Whispering Willows in the latest Groupees package, the Be Mine 14 bundle.

Strangely enough, the company only launched the game on PC and Steam one month before, making it a bit early to pass the buck already. We talk about game devaluation sometimes. For instance, the Secrets of Raetikon team expressed their concern with rapidly being pulled out of the attention sphere. Don’t misunderstand; it’s a great bundle, but given what that inclusion does to long-term sales, it’s a sudden move to already let it go. Still, talking to us briefly, developer Leif Dahl of Night Light Interactive stated that this was very much a conscious decision:

We had been talking with the Groupees bundle team for the past year and really wanted to be a part of one of their bundles, which happened to fall on this date.

Whispering Willows Steam ouya pc gameplay screenshot

Prior to that, Whispering Willows had a brief stint on Ouya. Since it would be possible that the title was already profitable on the small console, we asked about their sales there. While the Ouya sales were said to be “above average,” it doesn’t compare to what the game achieved on PC. Dahl continued to say this about Ouya sales:

It’s kind of just a blip on the radar compared to Steam.

We basically got more on Steam in the first two days than we have during the three months we’ve been on OUYA.

That might sound off-putting, but Night Light Interactive retains good faith in Ouya. When asked how they felt about the console seeing the difference in sales, Dahl stated:

They make great efforts to treat their developers really well. They’ve been incredibly helpful when it comes to developing for their hardware and worked really close with us to ensure the best product. They’ve always been very generous with helping out with marketing, giving us booth space at conventions, and in general being really great people to hang out with.

We consider them our friends more than just having a partnership with them. We will definitely be working with them on future products.

Whispering Willows Steam ouya pc gameplay screenshot

Sometimes, it just isn’t about sheer sales figures. It’s great to see that even smaller companies can cherish a good work environment just as much as commercial success. Both are important.

You can totally pick up the Be Mine 14 bundle, by the way. We won’t be streaming like we usually did, but it’s damn decent. Another great title to grab from there is the excellent Betrayer from ex-F.E.A.R. developers.


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