Garry’s Mod Developers Show Third New Prototype, Arcade Simulator

Developer Facepunch Studios, known for their work on Rust and Garry’s Mod, are serious about making new games. They’ve announced their third prototype, a first-person arcade hall simulator.

In this arcade title, you’ll be on a journey to save your establishment from being overtaken, like in 80s movies. You can access your games in first person and see others play them in real time. Moreover, the idea stands that it would be possible to create your own setup and share those with others online.

Further customization would be possible in the creation of your own games to host online or share through Steam Workshop. Games would be kept simple to ensure a properly running real time spectator mode.

facepunch arcade prototype

Through the arcade simulator, the studio also wants to offer a platform for developers to make games that would otherwise be too small in scale to release by themselves. A small demo of what such a game could be like is available in the development blog. Some concept art shows a different set of angular cabinets.

This current wireframe build is the third one to be announced in a short time. Previously, the studio also came out with a top-down space shooter and an arcade tennis game. Sending out new projects while midst Rust development has created an uproar for Rust players, who fear that the Early Access game on Steam will be abandoned due to the new announcements.

facepunch arcade prototype


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