Lifeless Planet Gets Film From Fallout: Nuka Break Creators

Indie Game Lifeless Planet from developer David Board will be receiving a short film by production company Wayside Creations. This studio is known for its work on the cult hit adaptation, Fallout: Nuka Break.

Lifeless Planet is an explorative game that takes place on a distant planet somewhere. An astronaut is sent off to set foot on a newly discovered world, but once there, it seems that it had already previously been colonized by man. By slowly progressing with the space suit, you’ll uncover more mysterious events that this deserted planet holds.

Wayward Creations seems to be specializing itself in the gaming adaptations. Lifeless Planet won’t even be their first indie project. Previously, the company also announced a series around dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock.

Lifeless Planet already has sort of a movie sci-fi vibe, so we’re interested to see where this thing could go. You can currently grab Lifeless Planet on Steam for €19.99, though we highly suggest sticking to the Humble widget on the developer’s site at $19.99.

Lifeless Planet


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