Retro City Rampage Announces Update For New 3DS

Nintendo announced a new 3DS, which will come with extra buttons fashioned into the hardware. This would remove the need for a Circle Pad Pro extension, given that there’s a second analog controller embedded on the right side of the handheld.

retro city rampage steam 90 off

Today, developer Brian Provinciano, creator of Retro City Rampage, has announced that the game will receive an update for the news 3DS, which accommodates the new hardware. The game’s official Twitter page mentions the following:

There are a few differences with the new 3DS in regards to the Circle Pad Pro. When asked if the two would be supported, the developer declined, stating that the device wasn’t as well suited, as seen in this tweet:

For now, the New Nintendo 3DS models are only planned to appear in Japan, but they would do so relatively soon. A release date has been set for October 14, 2014. North America and Europe would possibly get the revised handhelds somewhere in 2015.

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