Quick, Grab Theme Hospital Free On Playstation Store Right Now

There’s a pretty damn rad sale on the European Playstation Store that puts a ton of classic games from PS One to PSP and so on. It has also slipped a game in for free, so go pick it up right now.

Theme Hospital from the classic Bullfrog days is a special brand of builder simulation that’s hardly ever been done since. Its title says it all: Get a hospital, build out rooms to see patients with weird diseases and clean up so much puke. Seriously, there are like lakes of vomit in that game at any given point.

It keeps things pretty interesting by having people with different symptoms and so on enter the hospital. Additionally, there may sometimes be random garbage bombs showing up and other random events. You’ll also need to manage just how much room you can allocate to a certain room, along with the accessories you put down, waiting chairs, vending machines and all those things. It’s Rollercoaster Tycoon, puke and all.

It’s good enough that this original PC release is still a blast to play in its Playstation port. Back in the PS One era, publishers weren’t madly afraid to alienate audiences yet, so these PC specific titles would still come over and it was great. Theme Hospital, Theme Park and even Civilization II; it was truly a golden age. Trust us.

Theme Hospital

Keep in mind that the free version of Theme Hospital may be a glitch in the Playstation Store, so grab it as quick as you can.


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