Caribbean Early Access Update Wants To Be More Than Just Mount & Blade Mod

Developer Snowbird Games has released an update for their game, Caribbean, which is currently on Steam through Early Access. With it, the third person conquest title tries to start scraping away from being just a Mount & Blade mod.

Caribbean is noticeably using the same engine as the cult Mount & Blade titles, featured with the same font, paper menus, low resolution models and so on. Still, the update tries to make this marriage between that series and Sid Meier’s Pirates! a bit more unique, by now also implementing builder sim elements.

Where previously, each city would have its landing screen, the interface has been remodeled to a city construction area. Here, it’s possible to make your own buildings and grow out your city with production, mining and so on, to collect additional goods. Certain buildings will require the necessary materials to try and balance out a simple simulation design. Additionally, to fit this new model, some goods trading has now been redone.

On the sea, naval battles are coming into their own with increased sea location sizes, improved shooting, ramming and a spyglass view.  You’ll also be able to board ships by swinging off ropes or hang back in a crow’s nest to pick off enemies.

On land, cavalry will now try to charge opponents, making them less vulnerable. Troops will be divided according to their type, though it will also lead to some behavioral problems that will be adapted in the coming months.

Caribbean Early Access Steam Mount & Blade screenshot

Aside from Caribbean, Snowbird Games is also known for their Eador strategy titles, so they certainly have some experience in creating such an infrastructure. It will be interesting to see where their Early Access game will go to from here.

To boost the new update, Caribbean is 35% off on Steam.


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