SteamWorld Dig And Stick It To The Man Devs Join Hands For Publishing Deal

Developer Image & Form and developer Zoink have announced that they will join hands in a self-publishing collaboration. Hereby, the studios want to bypass the need for publishers to maintain their own respective visions.

Image & Form is the studio behind the currently successful SteamWorld Dig. Their mining adventure has been released on a ton of platforms, such as Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Playstation 4, PS Vita and PC. In doing so, the company has learned quite a bit about self-publishing and marketing, so they will handle that department for both studios. They also have quite the sense of humor. In their PC version of SteamWorld Dig, the game references Half-Life 3, which may or may not have been confirmed.

image form zoink

For Zoink, mostly known for their recent work on Stick It To The Man, it’s pretty much business as usual. They won’t have to cave in to company demands and get to keep making games that are appealing to people. Stick It To The Man was downloaded over 1.3 million times and that without a mobile version. Previously, the company also worked for Google, Cartoon Network and Disney, which should indicate their expertise.

Both studios hail from Sweden. Now, if they can join up with Coffee Stain Studios of Goat Simulator fame, they’ll be able to create yet another giant Swedish studio. You may also know developer Mojang from Sweden for their work on something called Minecraft. Maybe Starbreeze Studios is more your thing in Sweden. They created the Payday series. There’s some really great stuff to be found there.


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