Perfect World’s Next MMO Comes With Real-Life Shoes To Track You

Publisher Perfect World has announced that its latest massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, Legend of the Condor Heroes Zero, will be headed towards an open Beta phase on September 25, 2015. This latest action-oriented title is one of the company’s most visually impressive 3D projects yet.

It will use the studio’s proprietary Ark Engine for increased visual fidelity through the use of things like real-time lighting or parallax occlusion mapping. Though it definitely looks similar to a lot of Perfect World’s MMO’s, it does generate a smooth and swift experience with lots of flash. It’s ideal for those who just want to cut through enemies endlessly with illustrious moves. We’ll put down some gameplay below.

Perfect World wants to promote its new “HiFuture” concept through Legend of the Condor Heroes Zero. This pitch wants to incorporate a healthy lifestyle along with the game. That resembles Nintendo’s latest quirk, when they announced their Quaity of Life angle.

With the announcement of the Legend of the Condor Heroes Zero Beta, Perfect World revealed concrete plans for this fitness-related objective. The company revealed Zero Shoes. Yup, the MMO will be accompanied with real-life wearable items that can interact with your game experience. Here’s an excerpt from the press release on Zero Shoes:

Zero Shoes, a convergence of a virtual game and real life, come with several exclusive features: recordkeeping of the player’s motion data, number of calories consumed, precise geographic location and social networking activities. The motion data collected by the device will be fed back and dictate the subsequent actions of the game, gradually improving the player’s overall fighting power.

legend of condor heroes zero shoes 1

We hope the real deal isn’t as pointy though.

“Precise geographic location,” sounds a bit too close for comfort to us, but we suppose it’s a personal preference. Moreover, the Zero Shoes will unlock exclusive games and social activities in Legend of the Condor Heroes Zero. In addition, Perfect World wants to integrate Zero Shoes in its long term plans, so you might see their inclusion in some more MMO’s as time goes on. It’s not that crazy of an idea though. In truth, even the Nintendo 3DS encourages walking with its coin system that’s used to purchase items in its Mii Plaza mini-games. It’s just that the shoes don’t have a direct application as a device, but act more like an amiibo enhancement, if we’re going to keep plugging the Nintendo angle.

Legend of the Condor Heroes Zero is most likely just a Asian market matter for now, since no real world has come out of a translated version yet. If you can’t wait for that, your best bet right now is the similar Swordsman Online from the MMO provider. We’ll show you how that looks below as well.

legend of condor heroes zero shoes


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