Renegade Kid Explains Obtaining Dementium Rights And Future Plans

There’s some good news on the indie horror front, as developer Renegade Kid has announced that the Dementium series is back in their hands. Director Jools Watsham took to Twitter for the announcement.

Dementium was one of the first titles from the company and it’s one of the only horror games to get released on Nintendo DS. A sequel, Dementium II, also got put on DS and eventually was ported to PC by Digital Tribe. Since then, the team has been focusing on handhelds a lot with the release of games like Moon and Mutant Mudds.

Dementium II

Since there was a bit of ambiguity on the degree of the rights the developer acquired, we shot them a few quick questions to see if Dementium was fully in their hands or only partially. Watsham responded:

We have complete freedom to create sequels to Dementium with no ties to anyone else. I have wanted to utter those words for a very long time, and it feels good to finally be able to do so! To the best of my knowledge, Digital Tribe was only licensed to create a PC port of Dementium II and has no rights to sequels.

When asked whether it means Dementium could be appearing on the Nintendo eShop now or receive a reworked version, sort of like Moon Chronicles on 3DS, the developer mentioned they will be exploring all possibilities. To those who are nervous that this means Renegade Kid will need to delay some games due to the acquisition, there’s good news too. Since the company is still working on the release of a few games right now, Watsham commented that they have priority:

We are wrapping up Xeodrifter and the remaining episodes of Moon Chronicles now, and will not begin the development of anything new until they are completed. Treasurenauts is also still a big priority for us.


Lastly, we nudged the developer about Cult County, their own original horror tryout earlier this year, when it didn’t have the Dementium name back yet. Since their Kickstarter failure, the game had been put on the backburner and with Xeodrifter, the company said that Cult County had been taken out of active production. We asked if Dementium could maybe tie to Cult County or put the game back on track, to which Watsham mentioned:

Anything is possible, but at first glance I see Dementium as its own beast and not really connected with the fiction of Cult County. However, nothing is off the table at this point.

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