Graal Seeker RPG On Indiegogo Channels The Banner Saga

Developer Lugludum from Lyon, Frace has put up their funding campaign for roleplaying game (RPG) Graal Seeker. It’s running on Indiegogo now, looking for a mild goal of €10,000.

In Graal Seeker, players go on a journey to find the Holy Grail in medieval Britain. Adventures are done on a procedurally generated map that features several encampments, forest and castles. As players move on, they’ll be met with a series of random events, which offer up to four choices.

Graal Seeker PC RPG screenshots art (5)

When things can’t be decided through conversation, Graal Seeker turns to combat on a tile grid. This features up to four party members that attack automatically when in range. You’ll be in charge of movement and queuing up certain actions. While combat is done in real time, it’s possible to pause the play to put in commands.

Graal Seeker also has permadeath, so once you fail in battle or deplete your willingness to complete your quest, the game is over. There will be three factions to choose from: Britons, Saxons and the mysterious Picts. Classes for characters are divided between knight, druid, bard, archer and peasant. Additionally, classes can be fitted with five different abilities: tenacious, strapping, adroit, clever or tribune.

There’s a certain charm to the game and its mixture of tapestry art and more modern, cartoon models. It’s reminiscent of another journey RPG with a similar theme, The Banner Saga.

Those who are quick to contribute to Graal Seeker can grab a copy for €10, instead of €12. Moreover, there’s an early bird special that has a damn classy shirt included for a low price of €35.

Our only real point of skepticism is that the game uses flexible funding, meaning you need to be sure of your contribution, because any money given will be held by the developer. Should Graal Seeker reach its goal, there are also some loftier stretch goals that will try to add more platforms than the PC release.

You can fund Graal Seeker here.

There’s also a bunch of cool art and screenshots, if that’s your fancy.


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