The Best Part Of Road Redemption Is Beating Gaming’s Finest Celebrities To Death

After a few months in Alpha on its own accord, vehicular combat title Road Redemption has made its way to Early Access on Steam. It’s definitely a great way to bash in heads from motorists, but it’s even juicier when these people are famous.

Given that Road Redemption went through Kickstarter to fund about $170,000 worth of content, it has a lot of custom things that cater to its fans. One of those concepts is the possibility to see your name come up in the game, after the player crushes the opposition. Each time a biker meets a gory fate, the screen notifies you that you defeated one of these crud bums.

In a strange turn of events, seeking out these names has become its own meta game. While Road Redemption is probably best played with some caution to prevent blood loss, wanting to give those gaming celebs what for is a strange yet palpable enticement.

In this age where harassment is a constant term for these connected figures, it’s a much safer and less morally despicable way to keep all that frustration in the game. Did someone say something you don’t like? Find them on the road and take a battle axe to their face. That works. Given that the Kickstarter tier to name yourself in the game started at $150, there’s a baker’s dozen of these trophies to collect.

We tried to track down as many of these gaming personalities as possible in Road Redemption to prove our superiority over untouchable celebrities.  Here’s a few people who haven bitten some savory dust on our behalf:

Edmund McMillen of Team Meat, Super Meat Boy:

Road Redemption Early Access Steam Edmund McMillen screenshot

Total Biscuit, Gaming YouTube personality:

Road Redemption Early Access Steam Total Biscuit screenshot

KSIOlajidebt, YouTube Shouting Person:

Road Redemption Early Access Steam KSI screenshot

Markiplier, YouTube Golden Voice:

Road Redemption Early Access Steam markiplier screenshot

Spoony, Geek Culture Critic:

Road Redemption Early Access Steam spoony screenshot

Speedyw03, Gaming YouTube Bro:Road Redemption Early Access Steam speedyw03 screenshot

Notch, Minecraft Creator and Billionaire:

Road Redemption Early Access Steam notch screenshot

NerdCubed, Blocky YouTube Gamer:

Road Redemption Early Access Steam nerdcubed screenshot

PewDiePie, Biggest YouTube Channel:

Road Redemption Early Access Steam pewdiepie screenshot

Other people to pass our lead pipes were Tommy Refenes, also of Super Meat Boy, but also The RPG Minx, who isn’t the one from those “Japanese lessons” on YouTube. There will likely be a few more as well, but we’re pretty damn pleased with our findings already. In particular, annihilating NerdCubed over and over presents us with a sick sense of joy. We’ve been getting so many Air Control references from that channel, ever since we made those videos about the game. It gets on yer nerves, you know? Nothing like some batting practice to take the edge off.

We made sure to let our victims know who’s boss. Maybe this game is bringing out the worst in us.


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