Kiss Ltd Removes Air Control-Linked Zen: Fish Sim From Steam, Offers Apology And Refund

Some brouhaha hit late last week over Zen: Fish Sim launching on Steam through Early Access. As a result, publisher Kiss Ltd has quickly stepped up and removed the game from sale, effective immediately.

During the initial blowback, the community had linked the game to the highly problematic Air Control. Remember when we campaigned hard to get that game to not appear on Steam and then did it again when it came to Steam? Well, that copyright assaulting thing is still on Steam, for some reason, but the same leniency won’t be given to Zen: Fish Sim.

Zen Fish Sim Air Control

Along with the announcement, Kiss Ltd has issued an apology and the company will offer refunds for anyone who wants it, until October 21, 2014. You’ll need to go into your account in the top right and click the “Account details” options from the drop-down menu to see the game in the Transactions section. There, you should find a refund button. Alternatively, the company does allow buyers to keep the game, but it discloses that there will be no further updates to the Early Access title.

Likely, the move to remove Zen: Fish Sim is due to Kiss Ltd needing to uphold a shred of decency for its brand. Admittedly, there is no shortage of lesser titles in the company’s portfolio, which also holds catalogs for Lace Mamba Global and other labels. With games like Ampu-tea and Darkout or Game Tycoon 1.5, which didn’t even have an installer at launch, the company isn’t new to plopping trite items on Steam. That said, games like the atmospheric Lifeless Planet, roleplaying game Unrest or the quirky Chompy Chomp Chomp offer a few neat things to discover.

At the very least, Kiss Ltd being swift, open and understanding in the matter is leagues above what Valve is allowing Air Control to do. We commend a publisher standing behind its own form of quality control, even if it is after the facts. We’ve seen much worse cases, frankly.


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