Road Redemption Uses Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road As A Final Level Too

Vehicular combat game Road Redemption already has the ability to slaughter gaming celebs for bragging rights, but the Steam arcade title on Early Access has even more goodies in store. Its final level might seem reminiscent of another loose racing game known as Mario Kart.

Those who live through the roguelike gameplay model of Road Redemption will eventually be whisked away to Rainbow Road, shiny and full of stars and fireworks. It has everything the nostalgic mind wants, including pitfalls aplenty. In addition, you’ll still be able to gun down opponents or even use grenade launcher for extra carnage. It may not exactly be the Road Rash tribute everyone is expecting it to be, but it’s definitely entertaining.

rainbow-road-redemption-gameplay gif

Since its recent launch on Early Access, Road Redemption has added an abundance of features to the crazy arcade game. There are firearms, a currency system, character upgrades, permanent enhancements and some loopy locations, as seen above. As a result of putting in tons more content for the Steam audience, the game has suffered from performance issues. Since then, the team has been hard at work to buff out the most glaring framerate issues in updates. If you’ve played the game when it first launched, maybe try to go back now and see if you see some improvements.


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