We Got You The Cheapest Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Steam Copy Yet At Just €29.45

We usually keep it light here at GG3, so we don’t often do the journalism thing. Given Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s current hype train though, we felt the need to push around some questions.

shadow of mordor sale

See, earlier today, digital retailer Funstock had listed the game at an extremely low price or £19.99. On the site, however, the game was up for a good yet much less impactful £24.99. Given how potentially deep that discount would be, we decided to contact the good folks over there, who had to state that the low price was a mistake. However, Funstock did additionally lower the price to £22.99. So, now Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor stands at a 43% discount for just €29.45, making it the cheapest version yet. You’re welcome, internet. We’re not saying that deserves your praise, but if you could leave a comment with appreciation, that’d be spiffy.

Otherwise, make sure to get a Steam copy for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on Funstock here.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

So far, the game is getting raving reviews. It stands at a potent 84 rating on Metacritic and only Destructoid has given the game a 6. The likes of Joystiq, Polygon, The Escapist and IGN have all gone 9 or up on a 10 scale. That should give you some confidence, if you are the preorder type, because it is a preorder after all. We’d like to remind you of that.

There’s also something else. Normally, we try not to point towards some particular paths too much, because they’re not as perfectly legal as they are simply not illegal, which isn’t the same. Since you click here already anyway, we’ll give you this one this time. On retailer Nuuvem, however, you can get the game for seventy real, which puts it at just a tad over twenty Euros. Normally, this only serves their particular region, but the store allows others to order from it as well. Again, we’d like to point out that the legality of this is dubious, so we can’t offer any guarantee of its binding aspect. You may lose the game. We have, however, purchased from the site on separate occasions and Steam has always honored the agreement. As a preorder, we’d advice going with the safe bet above that’s still a bottom price right now.

Also, don’t forget Square Enix is slashing 75% off its Steam games as well.


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