Square Enix Puts Up Eidos Anthology Infographic And Huge Steam Sale

Publisher Square Enix has released a timeline infographic for subsidiary Eidos, showcasing the company’s anthology. Each year is summarized with what games were released, along with some info on each one. You can find the rundown below.

There are some notable high points for Eidos, which got its start with the now legendary Tomb Raider series, featuring spelunking treasure hunter Lara Croft. After the debut in 1996, the company’s biggest year by a stretch was 2000. That year not only released four titles, a feat the studio won’t do again, but two of them are now leading franchises of their own. Both the lauded classic Deus Ex and the first Hitman were released that year, alongside Thief II: The Metal Age and already the fifth Tomb Raider by then.

Another interesting point in time for Eidos is 2005. This is the only segment where the company had no releases whatsoever. This is likely due to the company’s hard times that started happening around 2004, where it lost its autonomy due to financial stress. It eventually was picked up by Sci Entertainment in 2005, wherafter Square Enix took over in 2009.

For the last few years, Eidos has been steadily releasing one major title at a time. Only in 2014, the company has again put out three games, with the Thief reboot being the most prominent one.

It’s a bit strange for this throwback to happen at a random 18 years, but we never pass up a nice infographic. Moreover, Square Enix is holding a celebratory sale that puts all these franchises at a 75% discount. Titles can be picked up on its store, yielding Steam keys. In particular, the %Legacy of Kain series for €5 or the Thief collection for €8.25 is a steal. And yes, that includes the reboot as well, which is an all-time low for the title that keeps being put on sale lower and lower, despite releasing this very year.

Find the Eidos Anthology sale on the Square Enix Store.

square enix eidos anthology infographic timeline


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