Valiant Hearts: The Great War Gets A Free Interactive Comic In November

War game with a twist, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, will receive a free interactive comic. There’s a slight twist though, as this applies to the mobile version of the game and not its console or PC release.

Still, those who bought Valiant Hearts on iOS will be able to grab the comic on November 6, 2014. It will include touch navigation, animated panels and music and sound effects, so it’s more of a motion comic flick thing. We hope it takes inspiration from the Watchmen motion comic, which you should probably go check out at some point.

Walt, the dog that ties the four stories of the game together, will be the central role of the comic. Together with his sister, they’ll run the trenches of the Western front to deliver messages and rescue fallen soldiers. So, it’s not that different from the actual game, where the dog periodically shows up. Additionally, given the gam already has a nicely illustrated style, it won’t be too hard to translate that to a comic.

Valiant Hearts takes place during World War I. Players take on the role a few different characters whose stories mesh together during the great conflict. It runs on the enchanting UbiArt engine that also created Rayman Origins and Legends. We have one panel from the comic book, which we’ll show below:

Valiant Hearts The Great War Free Comic


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