Time For Another Personal Post

It’s time for another personal post. There haven’t been any news items for days again and it’s the same tired story. For one, time is tight and I’m currently pretty overworked, if I’m frank. Still, that’d only be one side of it.

cart life

It’s also the case of recent months deadlocking game news into this weird stasis of hyper-marketed releases that all gun for that holiday cash, against hyper-criticism that has everyone shouting at each other, drowning any discussion. In between, there’s really no interesting news to be had or at least not as much as there used to be. It’s still mostly the focus here to find original items or at least lesser talked about or otherwise interesting things, more so than it should be about just getting you excited to buy, buy, buy.

That is, however, also one of our goals, but for the things we care about. So, aside from some cool sales we’d like you to save cash on, we’re probably not going to have more news items rolling in hard and fast for a while. We’d like to think we care, about you.

I’ve been thinking of writing down more personal pieces, but with the whole shout matches thing going around on the internet in games right now, there’s less of a point. It can still happen, but all opinions seem to take a shotgun blast approach right now that just fires blindly into the void. One or two of those are fine, but it’s best to be a little cautious with posting those, lest it become too often.

So, maybe I’ll leave this with a semblance of info, talking about things I’m excited about:

  • Dungeon of the Endless has a release date. It’s yet another great title from Amplitude Studios that’s perfect for roguelike fans wanting more from their game.
  • I should’ve started playing Heroes of a Broken Land ages ago. It’s an oldschool first-person dungeon crawler with just a flair of the first Civilization and maybe even some Might and Magic. Buy it, please.
  • In its extent, there’s a Legend of Grimrock 2. I hope it delivers just as much.
  • The Long Dark is out and is likely getting better as it goes. We talked about it already, but it’s still growing.
  • Steam is finally better and more great games are added every day. It’s far from perfect still, but it looks like that really awful period is taking a step back for now.

Play a game you’re interested in today. It doesn’t matter if it turns out to be good or bad. Just play something that captivated you. Discover. Then reach out to those who made the games you like and thank them for doing that. Thank people for making awesome things. Support awesome things.

Hit me up on Twitter if you need anything. Thank you for staying here and keeping us company.


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