Playing With Gaming Figurines Released My Inner Child Again

Conventions are fun. There’s always a lot to see and they’re usually good for some goodies to take home, after bleeding the old bank account. This year at Facts convention in Belgium, I picked up a few items. They were mostly games, since that’s sort of our deal, but there are always a few figurines that sneak in as well.

FACTS 2014 convention figurines games

This year’s haul.

And yet, I’ve rarely ever touched any model I ever bought, outside of taking them out of their package and finding them a spot in the house, most likely on the goodie shelf. Has anyone ever actually played with their figurines?  It’s a question that came to me when I saw just how articulated the Chun-Li model was. It had several foot articulations, some of them as ridiculous as turning the palms 360 degrees. That potential just couldn’t go to waste on one pose forever, it had to be more than that. So, I started messing around with Chun-Li, to see just how many things she could pull off. And I’d include my other new friends as well!

First up, those feet articulations needed to be tested to their limit. BMO was nice enough to strike a pose and Chun-Li would see if it was possible to bicycle kick over that cute, blocky head. Luckily, no damage was done to BMO’s shiny screen/face!

FACTS 2014 convention figurines Chun li BMO

Things got a lot darker when Diablo got involved. Chun-Li was chased around the house and eventually fell exhausted in the game cabinet. Being a demon, even in cuteness form, Diablo tried to take advantage of the situation by copping a feel. A scary, grainy photo is all the evidence of this encounter.

FACTS 2014 convention figurines Diablo Chun-Li

Finally, la pièce de résistance: Chun-Li didn’t just come with very movable joints, but also extra parts. So, the scenario that followed is only what every person would do. It simulates Chun-Li regaling in the decapitation of her identical twin. Those paired matches are always awkward, but that’s no longer an issue!

FACTS 2014 convention figurines chun li fatality

We’re not done! Next up, I wanted to see what was in the Sonic capsule toys I bought at one buck a pop. It was so cheap, even if it’s absolute garbage, it was worth it for the initial surprise opening alone. There were two versions: a toy car and a small, buildable figurine.

In the car ball, the best choice possible, Sonic, was waiting. The toy car didn’t have any parts. It’s just a straight pullback car; the kind that you drive backwards to rev up its wheels and then let loose and see what chaos ensues. It certainly takes off with quite the amount of power behind it. Despite that, it didn’t manage to topple the otherwise top-heavy Diablo, who stopped the puny hedgehog dead in its tracks. Not going so fast now, right?

sonic toy capsule pullback car diablo gif

For the buildable model, I wasn’t exactly as lucky. In fact, it was the worst possible scenario. Bits and pieces revealed none other than Sonic Unleashed’s ugly mug; the so-called “werehog” version. That sucker didn’t even last a second!

sonic werehog toy capsule figurine pullback car kill gif

Oh, and once roadkill, Diablo returned to feast on the damned werehog’s corpse. No one likes you, Sonic Unleashed.

FACTS 2014 convention figurines diablo werehog kill


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