Giveaway: Win Endless Legend On Steam

Under the radar of the now overly popular roguelike genre, the 4X conquest strategy titles have received a sizable boost lately as well. These also ever-changing battlegrounds come in many forms, of which Endless Legend is one of the better interpretations. We really like that game and its developer, as we’ve noted in the past when we asked AAA studios to watch what this company does to annual releases. That was when the games in question weren’t even out yet. It has since become better still.

win endless legend steam key giveaway

We could tell you how great Endless Legend is in many ways. For one, we wrote a review about its intricate merger of roleplaying with strategy designs. We even made a video series in its early stages, one of the rare few games to actually get a recurring spot. We’ll put the first episode below, after which you can watch at your leisure by subscribing to our Youtube channel.

Now, we can give away 3 Steam copies of Endless Legend. Here’s a free tip: You want these.

Here’s how you can win:

  • Step 1) Subscribe to our site. See that little “+Follow” thing either at the top or at the bottom of each page? Click that and leave your email address if you don’t have a WordPress account. We suggest leaving valid contact details, since we’ll need to contact you to claim your prize.
  • Step 2) Comment. We’re going to need to know if you actively want a copy of Endless Legend or if you’re one of our many followers already, so comment and let us know you’re excited. We’ll look at the most thoughtful replies, so we uphold the right to dismiss superfluous comments like “thx” and “game pl0x.”
  • (Optional) Twitter. If you’ve done the above, you can also shout to me personally by following my Twitter and leaving me a message: @Daavpuke.

We’ll select the most active responses by Monday and contact the winners. Again, don’t forget to leave a valid address, so that we can contact you. We really do want to contact you if you’ve won; it sucks if we can’t.


10 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win Endless Legend On Steam

  1. Ooooh, this I’d like to try! I’ve seen it on Daav’s stream once, I liked it very much. Thanks for the chance =)

  2. I have been watching videos and reading posts about that game quite a while now, but unfortunally I wasn’t able to get a copy for myself yet, this would be absolutely perfect! 🙂

  3. EXTREMELY excited about this giveaway you’re doing! As soon as I heard of Endless Legend, I knew that I wanted it but it’s currently nowhere near our extremely tight budget right now. Gaming is limited to what I already have (not really a bad thing). To be honest, I’ve never heard of you guys, and I’m extremely curious as to what you’re all about. I’ll be looking at a lot of your other stuff for sure. Regardless of the giveaway, excited to see all of what you have going on here!!

  4. I’ve been looking at this since it was mid-early access, but haven’t managed to pick it up yet. Definitely interested, and the fantasy setting and art direction both look great. Beyond Earth was thoroughly disappointing, so it’s nice to see something innovative and enjoyable-looking actually being released.

  5. game pl0x

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist (Don’t hate me for it), lol. On a serious note though, found this randomly while google searching out of boredom, and I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this game, it looks fantastic. Would definitely love a chance to give it a go. Win or lose though, thanks for bringing this game to my attention, it’s something I’d purchase in the future when I have some spare cash.

  6. Defintely been eyeing this game for awhile now. I’m pretty new to 4X strategy games but loving Endless Space so I jumped at this chance to win a free copy of Endless Legend.

  7. Saw this through looking at the Endless Legend tag on tumblr, haha!

    I love how this game looks! I mean look at those factions! Chivalrous knights who need to drain the life force of others to live! Merchants riding on the backs of giant beetles! A cult spreading their religion from their megalopolis! DIPLOMATIC DRAGONS! Sooooo much uniqueness! I DEFINITELY want to play this! Which is why I’m commenting right here, haha! Thank you for the opportunity!

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