3DS Game Castle Conqueror Defender Video, Screenshots And Release Date

Publisher Circle Entertainment has announced its latest in a line of Nintendo 3DS releases. Castle Conqueror Defender will be out on the North American eShop on November 12, 2014. A European release will follow in December of 2014, hopefully, though the publisher has had issues with the Euro side before.

In Castle Conqueror Defender, players defend their stronghold from incoming waves of enemies. Many troops charge the building at once, which requires setting up structures and units to counter the charge. Items like towers and ballistae can be placed on differently structured castles, but there are also units such as archers or more offensive cavalry types to send out. There are a total of 50 missions to go through in Castle Conqueror Defender, with three game modes in total. Troops and buildings can be upgraded.

Castle Conqueror Defender is one of Circle’s multiple releases with the “Conqueror” attachment. It’s the second of its kind, with previous iterations that also exist for European and World Conqueror. The company certainly has been churning the titles out this year. Previously, the publisher also dropped Demon King Box on 3DS, as a mix of tower defense with Persona-like monster collection elements.

At least, you can always count on Circle Entertainment for a consistent source of cheap games on your 3DS. Castle Conqueror Defender will cost $4.99 for North America and we expect a similar price for Europe. If you want a recommendation, our favorite from the company is Witch & Hero, even though it got a bad rap elsewhere. We’re weird like that.

Would you like to see a trailer for Castle Conqueror Defender? Here you go.


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