Deal Site Groupees Saves Closing Bundle In A Box Games

The Bundle in a Box initiative from Kyttaro Games has found an outlet for its previously released content. Another deal provider, Groupees, will take over the duties of Bundle in a Box.

Previously, we mentioned that Bundle in a Box would be shutting down its services. It eventually prolonged the first deadline of August, but its plans were still to cease operations. Now, Groupees, which we’re frequently elated about as well, will pick up the name and eventually migrate all game downloads to its site. Migration is said to happen around the first quarter of 2015.

Additionally, Groupees will use the brand name to run new bundles. A new effort is coming soon and can be preordered on the ongoing deal site now. There’s currently also a Steam Greenlight package running at the same time, which still has four days to go.

Groupees bundle in a box

Bundle in a Box was sort of an outlier when it came to package deals. It’s one of the only venues that stuck to really outlandish, small indie titles, without adding too much star power. It also promoted games that weren’t on Steam frequently. Moreover, bundles only ran every few months, instead of the weekly standard we’ve come accustomed to now.

Kyttaro Games will continue its efforts in game development. They’re currently working on a roleplaying game (RPG).

You can preorder the Bundle in a Box bundle here for $1.5.


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