Here’s How To Get Shadow Of Mordor On Steam For €20, Much Better Than The Daily Deal

Don’t buy Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor as Steam’s Daily Deal. There’s a perfectly good way to get a Steam key for €20.14, which is more than €15 cheaper. Now that’s a deal!

On Funstock Digital, the game currently runs at just €25.18, which is already a sizable step below Steam’s offering. Cheap as that may be, when you purchase the game, apply the following code upon secure checkout:


middle earth shadow of mordor steam key sale

It should indicate in the following step that Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor has been reduced to its new price of €20.14. It’s definitely worth a shot at that price. We played the game earlier and found the five best Orcs in the game, if you want to take an additional look.

In fact, Funstock currently has a lot of pretty stellar deals this weekend, if you’re feeling antsy to spend some money.  We’ll list some great deals below. We’ll also note which games can have the above voucher applied for an even bigger discount! Versions are Steam keys, unless otherwise noted:

We’ll point out that last one for common courtesy reasons, but maybe keep that as a last resort, if you really don’t find anything else you fancy. It’s not that great to play right now. Sacred 3 isn’t exactly the best game in the world either, but at that price for a fairly recent game, it’s more likely to be worth a look. You’ll want to play with friends though. We’re just looking out for you.

Shadow of Mordor Chiefs Luga the Disgusting


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