Circle Entertainment Teases Nintendo 3DS Shooter

Publisher Circle Entertainment has teased a new release for Nintendo 3DS. In a recent message on Twitter, the company called out an incoming shooter:

Those of you who follow our work already know the company as a prolific publisher on Nintendo’s handheld. In the recent past, Circle Entertainment announced Castle Conqueror Defender as one of many in that series of strategy titles. Moreover, the publisher has worked on Parking Star 3D, Tappingo, Quell Reflect and Demon King Box, which mixes tower defense with Persona-like monster training.. They’re also one of the last companies to distribute DSiWare, with the quirky game development simulator Publisher Dream or the outlandish I Am In the Movie. In fact, Circle Entertainment may be one of the most active studios on Nintendo’s eShop right now, as expressed in another recent tweet:

There are few shooters available on 3DS. Moon Chronicles from Renegade Kidd is one of the only first-person projects that currently attempts to use the handheld for that genre. Any additions are welcome at this point, as long as it gets the controls right. That’s usually a point of contention for handheld shooters.

Circle Entertainment shooter tease

One thought on “Circle Entertainment Teases Nintendo 3DS Shooter

  1. But…I didn’t GET a 3DS for a shooter, if I wanted a shooter I’d get a console that caters better to shooters.

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