Black Friday On Games Republic: This War of Mine, Luftrausers, War of The Vikings, Etc

Black Friday promotions online are as brutal as in real life, so it’s hard to pick out where exactly the lowest prices are. Select Steam keys on Games Republic are currently lower than anywhere else, certainly as the store handles region-free pricing that stays fair to Europeans. So, here are the best ones to pick up:


This War of Mine – $18

Especially advantageous to the European crowd, the recently released This War of Mine at its slight discount is still a ton better than anywhere else. For its current price, the Euro price drops more to €14, which is shaved considerably from Steam’s store. If you wanted to try the highly tense survival game, this is your shot.

Spacecom $5

For those who enjoy gameplay mechanisms over anything else, Spacecom is a sleek strategy title built on minimalism and complexity, quite like Creeper World. Managing your fleet, sending out troops and knowing exactly when and how to strike will win you the game, nothing else. Aside  from a singleplayer with a robust artificial intelligence (AI), the strategy game comes with multiplayer of up to 5 people.

Luftrausers – $2.49

Arcade action in lo-fi, 2D glory; that’s what Luftrausers can offer those who learn to master the sky’s acrobatics. With interchangeable aircraft parts, the game full of enemy jets and battleships has a lot of different ways to be played. Each new item changes the focus and handling of the fighter jet considerably, which can lead to some pretty hilarious circumstances, such as diving dolphin planes.

War of the Vikings – $6.25

Fans of multiplayer brawls, assemble. War of the Vikings pits fighters of different categories against each other in expanse, authentic medieval regions. In castle fortifications and rocky pastures alike, axe-wielding maniacs and precise bowman try to collect scalps and glory for their camp. Death comes quickly, so mastering a good parry, stamina management and precise aim is what makes a memorable warrior.

WRC Powerslide $1.17

For just a buck, it’s hard to resist the temptation of this arcade spin-off. Instead of the usual simulation races, WRC Powerslide has more of a top view and focuses on directly competitive modes against other sliding drivers. Some party power-ups are thrown in as well, just to keep entertainment at an all-time high. This breezy racer supports multiplayer as well, if you really want to get cracking.

WRC Powerslide

At the time of writing, all these deals are researched to be the cheapest deal on Steam keys on several platforms. These include Steam, Humble, but also Bundle Stars or even Nuuvem. There are tons more deals on Games Republic, as the Black Friday sale puts over 100 games at a discount. You can check all deals by clicking the “Monster Sale” tab in the full catalog of our shop.

View all games here.


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