Irritated Gamers Flood Target Australia’s Facebook Page After Grand Theft Auto V Ban

So, the news hit that retail franchise Target would remove Grand Theft Auto V from its Australian branch, after a protest against the game’s depiction of violence against women. Target weighed in that the 40,000 signatures, along with feedback from its customers, would supersede the measures usually in place for similar media with violent imagery. Yes, other games and TV shows are violent as well, but no, not each one takes those acts to such lengths and in such a direct manner, given the game’s new first person mode. That was the argument for the decision. It’s not going down well with certain people.

Here’s a simple exercise: Search for “Target Australia” in whatever engine you prefer. Likely, one of the first pages that comes up is the branches Facebook page.

This is probably what several disgruntled people have been doing. And “several” here means dozens upon dozens of irritated netizens. Below, you’ll find a selection of posts that appeared on the company’s Posts to Page section. These blurbs are just what happened in the span of the last hour. One hour; over a dozen comments posted, chastising Target Australia for the decision. There are a plethora of comments underneath it, but it’s hard to keep up with it. Even more posts were deleted.

“When are you removing 50 Shades of Grey from stores? It promotes violence against women!”

“I’ll be returning my copy of Grand Theft Auto V for a full refund and be purchasing at Kmart or EB Games… You(‘re) decision is an absolute joke.”

Our personal favorite comes from Travis Morgan, who gives immediate credibility to why the pull would be a good idea, with the following disturbing message:

“So you should probably stop selling The Sims as well. I can do some pretty creep stuff to women on it.”

Oh, and here’s a coincidence about those posts:  Every last one is made by white dudes. Pointing that out, however, would be an unfair representation of a demographic though, right? And no, the one or two posts that may or may not appear from other people after this point wouldn’t really change that statistic much. We wouldn’t want facts to get in the way of things though, so let’s not point out that every single post was made a white dude. Let’s just call that a coincidence.

Look, we get it: This pseudo-censorship of Grand Theft Auto V is a petty move. Maybe though; maybe for once in a lifetime, being a petulant prick about it isn’t the way to get things solved. Again: It’s only Target Australia that pulled the game from shelves. It’s still perfectly available in all its forms elsewhere. Here’s just one, because we care about your right to choose.

Also, the Grand Theft Auto V remake is still coming to PC. It’s not slowing down any time soon.


One thought on “Irritated Gamers Flood Target Australia’s Facebook Page After Grand Theft Auto V Ban

  1. Target should have known removing the mild video game but not the graphic OTHER media would be the biggest mistake they could make.

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