TotalBiscuit Considers Organizing Indie Award Show, Equaling IGF’s $50,000 Prize Pool

Youtube personality TotalBiscuit, real name John Bain, is considering putting up their own indie game festival, which would also serve as a form of awards show. This was revealed in the most recent episode of the weekly Co-optional Podcast, hosted by the British commentator.

Episode 58 of the podcast, which featured co-host Jesse Cox, as well as WoWCrendor, ended with an off the cuff remark on award shows that prompted TotalBiscuit to mention plans for the festival:

I’m really, like, considering putting together an indie game, kind of, festival, sort of award show thing that’s run by Youtubers.

Do, sort of, an indie game award show where we send games to different Youtubers to showcase them.

totalbiscuit indie game show

This project would ideally want to equal the Independent Games Festival’s current prize pool, which is estimated at $50,000. Money would have to be raised. To do so, the Youtube star could pit from their experience in eSports sponsorships. Team Axiom, a professional StarCraft team, is in hands of John Bain and has been able to attract such companies as WASD Keyboards and Since their inception in 2012, the team was able to also win several thousands in prizes.

Currently, John Bain is battling bowel cancer, which was revealed in a diagnosis in April of this year. Plans for the eventual indie festival would be held after the treatment has been successfully completed. Winners for the mentioned awards would be decided among the different Youtubers associated with the festival, which would then promote the titles in question.

TotalBiscuit has been rising in popularity lately, due to outspoken opinions on professionalism in gaming media and the industry as a whole. Several links to the current GamerGate movement have been made in the Youtuber’s name. This has also lead to a fair share of criticism within the gaming community, from media, developers and consumers alike.

It would be interesting to see who would support an event ran by Bain and their colleagues. If it’s intended to give sums of money to hard-working indie titles, then it really could only be helpful. We’re always a fan of helping out indie games that deserve some attention. Did you hear about Chasm?


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