You Need This Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire Map That Shows Every Catchable Pokémon

Sometimes, something so beautiful comes along, it’s hard not to shed a tear. A map for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that catalogs each catchable Pokémon by route, method and special activity is certainly one of them.

There’s a legend full of info and everything, credited to reddit user Bobdor. Each place has its own color-coded theme for easy reading. For instance, towns are marked in red, while Pokémon that are caught in forests and such appear in green. Should the creature be captured through water ways, the road will be blue. There’s even a distinction what type of Pokémon you’re hunting for or if you need a DexNav. It’s just a great piece of info to keep at hand at all times, certainly if you’re looking to fill up your Pokédex.

Some locations, such as sky or mirage sections, can be found below on the map. There are still a fair few Pokémon that can be caught there, so make sure to take a look. Also be aware that some names may have a distinct symbol next to them that indicate they’re an Alpha or Omega version exclusive, in case you get a bit loopy and forget in your collecting frenzy. That’s how they justify splitting up releases in the first place.

The full resolution for the image comes in at 4414 by 3146 pixels, so make sure you put it somewhere where you can track it piece by piece. You can find the shiny, new map posted below.

Pokémon omega ruby alpha sapphire catchable map route type infographic


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