Wave 2 Amiibo Figurines Street Date Broken – Get Yours Quick

Normally, the second wave of Nintendo amiibo characters is set for release on December 14, 2014. As that date is an unfortunate Sunday, however, some stores are breaking the street date and selling the figures early. Pictures can be found below the article.

Nintendo amiibo wave 2 figurines broken street date

Our personal colleague, William Potter, spotted the figurines in the Game Farnborough store in Hampshire, United Kingdom. Amiibo there retail at £14.99 a pop, which isn’t exactly fair to UK consumers, but at least they’re getting them early, which is nice. All new additions were available at the store, so you may want to hop out and get one before the weekend, given they’re likely to sell out. Wave 2 of the amiibo line includes:

  • Captain Falcon
  • Pit
  • Little Mac
  • Diddy Kong
  • Zelda
  • Luigi

If you live in the North American region, you still have a chance to get some new amiibo editions as well. Several reports have come in that Toys R Us and Meijer would be breaking their copies out early as well.

If you’re just going to get a few and you want more bang for your buck, we’ll give you a chart of the second wave’s compatibility, courtesy of Scooptendo. Luigi and Captain Falcon are your way to go. Luigi compatibility has also been confirmed for a third party title, One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X, so expect the more well-known figures to be implemented in more games than the other figures.

Wave 2 amiibo chart game compatibility

We have some pictures of the new amiibo collection out in the wild, which we’ll put below. Their concept state always looks so much better than the finished product, for some reason. That’s likely just how advertisement goes.


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