This Is What Speedrunners’ Free Local Play Looks Like

Unconventional racer Speedrunners has launched a free demo that it calls a “Party Mode.” It’s essentially an offline mode that’s available as a free-to-play download.

Speedrunners Party Mode gameplay screenshots

In this demo, four bots run around three maps: SS Royale, Alley or Theme Park. It’s not possible to pick any of the characters or locations, but jumping in is as easy as picking up the controller. Once a player leaves, a bot tags back in to keep the four racing candidates going in an endless loop.

We dove right into this generous offer and caught gameplay of the Party Mode of Speedrunners, which you’ll find below. Learning the ropes is easy enough that rounds can be won quickly. Bots try their best to keep up, but they’re easy enough to shake off. Still, it has just enough bite to keep grab a quick game session now and then and play for ten minutes or so. Since the competition also rotates immediately, it’s possible to stay stuck in.

The full version of Speedrunners comes with more maps, characters and a level editor for even more content. There’s also the possibility to take on a competition online. On Steam, you’ll be able to score some achievements and collect Steam Trading Cards.

If you don’t want to download Speedrunners’ Party Mode through Steam, it’s available as a separate download on the game’s site as well. Since the Steam holiday sale is in full swing as well, it’s possible that the racer will receive some time in the spotlight. It was already featured in a flash sale.


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