Ghost of a Tale Shows The Importance Of Clean Code Builds

Dark Souls-inspired Ghost of a Tale posted an update to talk about what the PC adventure has been going through these last few months. Developer Lionel Gallat, who goes by Seith, shows a large restructuring in the game’s code, in particular.

For starters, the code made in the Unity engine has received a massive overhaul. What used to be a mess of lines that stretched far into the distance is now about ¼ in size. It looks like it somehow can’t contain the complexities of the game that way, but it should actually make it easier to keep Ghost of a Tale clean, with an additional bonus of being able to expand on it more in the future. As the developer states:

Let me share one thought: anyone is capable of doing complicated things, there’s really no merit in that. What’s more difficult is accomplishing complex things in a simple, elegant way.

ghost of a tale unity code clean

There’s another example given that shows character behaviors. Again, the before and after structures look so radically different that it feels nearly impossible to have it handle the same way. And yet, here as well, the new model is more reliable than before. Additionally, animations on Ghost of a Tale can now work for separate sections, which means that a character and its accessories move independently. That creates a much more dynamic look overall.

ghost of a tale unity code behaviors

Watching clean code is like a work of art.

Ghost of a Tale is set for release in 2015 on PC. It managed to scrape together a funding campaign via Indiegogo, good for €48,700. It looks worth every penny, so far.


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