Zavvi Sale: Football Manager 2015, The Crew, Far Cry 4 And More, Cheaper Than Steam

Christmas time is not just great to acquire presents, there’s also usually a cash influx involved. For those reasons, have a look at retailer zavvi, as they’re having a sale with a few great deals on recent titles, a few better than Steam. They do these sales quite often and there’s usually one or two neat things to pick out. We’ll put the best deals we could find below:

zavvi sale pc ps4 xbox one football manager ubisoft

In particular, Football Manager 2015 is miles ahead of the competition in regards to its price. Certainly as the simulation game only released last month, this is a more than sensible price to get in on the action while it’s still hot, though the premier managing title is active all year round.

Additionally, some of these games are available on other platforms for the similar prices, in case the one shown isn’t to your fancy. We can’t know what console you like best, but we’re sure you can figure it out.

There are a few more deals to look through as well, which range from old titles for scraps to some newer games. If you want accessories, you’ll need to click the other tab on the top bar. Another nice thing to remember is that zavvi has free shipping to many countries, while the tax for others is incredibly low, so that’s no reason to pass up on some physical copies.

You can view all zavvi deals here.


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