Warhammer Quest Steam Page Dodges In-Game Transaction Disclosure [Update]

Publisher Chilled Mouse will launch Warhammer Quest on Steam tomorrow. It was previously a mobile game. Like all mobile releases, the game comes with in-game transactions. This is the part where the publisher is, let’s say, uncertain how to handle the situation, which has led to customer frustration for a while now. Reacting to feedback, the company has updated their FAQ to clarify things, but this is where things really start to become even more suspicious.

warhammer quest

In the separate FAQ, which isn’t the store page itself, there is a sizable mention of microtransactions, but the phrasing is also rather specific. It mentions that there are additional parts available for purchase, plus optional gold for both the normal and deluxe version. In an answer to the critique about the store page’s lack of disclosure, Chilled Mouse responds with the following section:

It doesn’t say anywhere there are microtransactions in the game!

Perhaps not as “BEWARE MTS” but we’re not lying to anyone as IAP are mentioned in our game description: “The standard edition includes 4 heroes, 3 game areas and a special Vampires and Zombies tileset & enemies pack. There are additional in game options to buy up to 7 more heroes, 5 extra weapons and a Skeletons & Necromancers enemy pack. The Warhammer Quest Deluxe pack includes all of these extras.”

That’s exactly what it says on the store page as well. Within that emphasis, however, the publisher creates a sneakily crafted message that isn’t fully in line with customer complaints. The gold purchases, which are used in Warhammer Quest directly and aren’t for additional content, aren’t mentioned at all. This blurb solidifies the pushing away of gold purchases with the following:

“The Warhammer Quest Deluxe pack includes all of these extras.”

This encapsulation of “all” content would indicate that aforementioned transactions stop there, but they don’t. That gold, which isn’t acknowledged on the store page anywhere, is still a factor. Warhammer Quest’s message is disingenuous with the content that’s available and Chilled Mouse seems eager to mitigate complaints.

warhammer quest gold in app transaction steam

A review by GameWatcher additionally indicates that these purchases can go up to $20.99 for 60,000, which would cripple the economy of the game entirely. Characters are upgraded by pumping gold into them, which would be done effortlessly through this method. With a random encounter of a thief stealing funds, players could also end up losing their paid-for resources. There’s also mention of the standard version yielding weapons for deluxe characters, which would make transactions slightly less optional than they appear.

Warhammer Quest is the first release for publisher Chilled Mouse. Let’s hope they put as much effort into providing a solid port as they did in trying to write their oddly specific store page.

Update 06/01 – 5:21PM: Chilled Mouse has issued a statement that they have updated the description to accommodate the mention of gold transactions in both versions. Here’s a screenshot of how the description used to look like:

Warhammer quest pc steam store page description (1)This is what the updated version of the store page states:

Warhammer quest pc steam store page description (2)

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it a thousand times: Complaining helps.

One thought on “Warhammer Quest Steam Page Dodges In-Game Transaction Disclosure [Update]

  1. i get that ppl hate MTs and that’s just fine, but you’re misleading in the facts about how you will be using this gold. in a single player game there really is no economy to cripple, no others will suffer from ones gold buying. also you just can’t buy gold and level up your team. they first still need to go get the xp required before you can spend gold to train them to the next level. the gold is there to help the casual gamer when you hit events that steal all your hard earned gold, and if you want to buy awesome weapons right away and not want to grind for them.

    its ok that ppl campaign to get MT’s removed from our PC games. but it needs to be done in honest and polite manor without all this misinformation out there floating around.

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