Pornhub Declares Xbox Users Winner Of Most Visits On Consoles In 2014

Online service Pornhub has cataloged its lengthy statistics for 2014 in a series of insightful infographics. There’s a link, which is completely safe for work, where all pertinent data is broken down. Naturally, we’ll focus on their mention of the gaming realm, but feel free to hop in and find out what countries search for which terms and how much they’re on the site. Also: Please stop searching for hentai.

Anyway, their game console traffic in 2014 infographic has a pie chart containing Xbox and Playstation, which pool their respective platforms together, along with PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii. That last one is likely merging Wii and Wii U together, which would explain the whopping 69.6% increase Nintendo users have enjoyed this week. We asked Pornhub for confirmation. You’ll find the infographic below this article.

Interestingly enough, Xbox wins the overall stake, as 45.7% of console traffic originated from a Microsoft box, while Sony users came in short with just 40%. Not even adding the Vita, good for 5%, would alter that decision. Congratulations on your lust for porn, Xbox fans. Some dedicated 3DS users were still able to rack up 1.1%. Sometimes, you just have urges, you know?

Even stranger, Xbox surged forward with 70.5% more activity on Pornhub in 2014, while Playstation did the opposite with a reduction of 36.8%. Maybe that live broadcasting on PS4 with the tons of unwarranted nudity has something to do with that.

In total, Pornhub saw bandwidth use of 1,577 PB, that’s petabytes, which is a staggering 1.57 million terabytes. The site is visited by 5,800 people every second, which amounts to 18.35 billion visits in a year. The United States of America is the top user, followed by Canada and then the UK and Ireland closely behind.

To end with a touching note: The top word in comments on Pornhub in 2014 is “love.” It’s likely followed by something absolutely revolting, but the thought is kind of cute.

If you want to cap this off with some game-related porn, we got you covered. We’re linking you to a stack of beautifully crafted images, but we’re pretty sure you already knew where to find them, since it’s our top page, every single day.

pornhub console traffic 2014


4 thoughts on “Pornhub Declares Xbox Users Winner Of Most Visits On Consoles In 2014

  1. Xbone went 10 weeks at one point in 2014 without a single new/remake/ANYTHING release. It was from the date Guacamalee came out to early September. By comparison PS4 has had a new game released on the system, every single week since March 2014, well maybe not the 3 weeks around Xmas.
    But yeah, its PS4 that has no games………….. if you’re a clueless idiot.

  2. Ah, pornhub, my fav nudie site together with beeg and Personally, no porn stuff for me on my PS4 😀

    A gameconsole is just for gaming entertainment. If I want to see some adult stuff, I’ll use my cellphone or PC. I’m also afraid that I would get infected with a virus or something :p

    Pornhub does have the best support for the PS4 compared to other porn websites, I read a while ago.

    Anyways, I wish they would update the quality of their videos. Compared to youtube, pornhub isn’t even able to offer HD quality for all their videos. If they could fix that this year that would be awesome 🙂

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