Six Nights at Suzie’s – Awful Dev Rides Five Nights at Freddy’s Internet Craze [Update]

Now and then, we publish articles about games that don’t deserve any exposure, because that’s what we want. We can’t pretend to have some altruistic purpose, since it wouldn’t be believed anyway. Hatred was one of those games and it seems to be doing well with its “controversy.” We wish the same for the following project.

Publisher Digital Homicide is working on Six Nights at Suzie’s. This is the same company that released Forsaken Uprising and the now notorious game, The Slaughtering Grounds, on Steam. Before tackling the obvious, listen to the game’s description: pimping strategy game.

six nights at suzies pc steam

One Night in Paris was likely taken.

Six Nights at Suzie’s is a blatantly obvious attempt to ride on the success of Five Nights at Freddy’s, an indie horror game that’s been sweeping the internet. We’ll try to dodge as much as we can about whether or not it’s possible for Five Nights at Freddy’s, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 and Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 to happen within the span of half a year. It’s popular, is what we’re taking away from that. Let’s concentrate on this gem from Digital Homicide.

You don’t need to believe us that it’s a ripoff from Five Nights. The description admits that already with the mention of the game, which the company manages to spell almost completely right:

Overall game play will be somewhat of a combination of cameras similar to Five Nights at Freddie’s and Leisure Suit Larry with a bit of gunfire and a lot of response speed necessary.

Expected to be Mature rating 17+ or 18+ adult and suggestive themes and violence only.

There’s a cock-and-bull story about someone who is “250 grand in the hole with the mob” after a night out, a likely situation anyone can relate to. Now, the character in question has to help Suzie and the gang with what’s going to be the most successful escort service noted throughout mankind, to make up that cash in a week. If I could make that amount of money as a grunt in a week, I’d give up any morality as well.

Currently, Six Nights at Suzie’s is on Steam Greenlight, where the publisher managed to get its aforementioned games approved. It’s being marketed with the best stock image they could find on a two-second Google search of a “sexy maid” outfit. Again, no need to believe us on the matter, because here she is in what’s probably the book of our generation, Taking the Maid by Cami Ayers, who also made the hit sellers Yes, Professor!; Please, Professor!; Pregnant by the Professor and Not Here, Professor!.

six nights at suzies taking the maid

That book has the subtitle “Alpha Billionaire.” There’s really not much else we could add at this point.

Publisher Digital Homicide’s only other feats so far was getting caught in a fit against popular critic, Jim Sterling, whom you may remember from us helping them out with Air Control, as well as their involvement in many more nonsense games. Shortly after their meltdown over the critic’s video, the company put up both The Slaughtering Grounds and Forsaken Uprising in two consequent Indie Gala deals, Every Monday Bundle 34 and 35. We follow bundles closely, if you remember. That act was likely a desperate attempt from the company to try and muster up a crowd after a PR nightmare. Since being targeted, The Slaughtering Grounds has also reduced its price to €4.99.

With your support, Six Nights at Suzie’s can get roaring on Steam as soon as its counterpart, Five Nights at Freddy’s, dropped its hot fire. A release date for the pimping game is estimated at mid to late February 2014. We won’t advise you either which way. Freedom of choice works like that. It’s a thing; that’s all we can say.

Update 9/01 – 1:42PM: Digital Homicide seems to have taken the hint, as the page for Six Nights at Suzie’s has magically disappeared. The link now reads:

That item does not exist. It may have been removed by the author.

What do we keep telling you about complaining helping?


2 thoughts on “Six Nights at Suzie’s – Awful Dev Rides Five Nights at Freddy’s Internet Craze [Update]

    • I know, James. That’s exactly my point too:

      “It’s being marketed with the best stock image they could find on a two-second Google search of a “sexy maid” outfit.”

      You’ll see it has the same name.

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