Not One Of These 23 Crossfire Europe Images On Steam Is A Screenshot

Bullshot, a term for embellished screen that misrepresents the truth about a game, is going into its tenth anniversary this year, after being coined by Penny Arcade in 2005. A decade after the gaming community officially got fed up by illustrations that bear no info about gameplay, games like Crossfire Europe are still full believers of the deceitful marketing tactic. This massively multiplayer online (MMO) shooter just popped onto Steam as a free-to-play title and it has a ton of footage to show. It’s just that none of it is real.

crossfire europe free to play mmo shooter steam (1)

In total, the store page for Crossfire Europe sports 23 images and two videos. That’s more than double the goodies than several of its peers have put up, when they launched on Steam on January 9, 2015. You’d think this would be enough for both promo shots and in-game material to be featured in its reel, but developer Smilegate isn’t risking letting that happen.

There are some visuals of things being shot with multiple people present, several soldier styles and even weird monsters present. That way, at least you know it’s an MMO and a shooter. Consider the theme set. One shot has a football game going on between people holding knives, because why not?

crossfire europe free to play mmo shooter steam (2)

Seriously, this thing above is on there. We can’t even decipher what Crossfire Europe is trying to picture here, but that’s still more important than showing how the game actually works. Looking online for alternatives won’t exactly yield better results, since most of it is just a series of links to hacks for the game. That sounds promising, doesn’t it?

So, what really is Crossfire Europe? It’s a shooter that throws in multiple other styles, such as monsters, alternate game modes, boss fights, mutations and other weird stuff. It’s actually not that different from that strange Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies version, which released in October of 2014, except Nexon’s shooter didn’t have any problem owning its crazy take on the genre. Going that route instantly shows more confidence in the gameplay, because Crossfire Europe definitely doesn’t look as good in-game as it does in promo material. It looks a lot more like, well, a messed up Counter-Strike. Here’s an actual screenshot:

crossfire europe free to play mmo shooter steam

Crossfire Europe already sports a Mostly Negative rating from Steam users, so it’s coming out of the gate strong. Feel free to post your best or worst screenshot of the game below.


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