A Self-Aware Steam Adds “Funny” Button To User Reviews

Steam reviews are handy to know if a game has issues on the fly. Then again, a lot of them are also just a waste of time. That’s why Valve has taken the easy road out and applied some surprising self-awareness to the system. It’s now possible to tag a review as “funny,” aside from giving it either a thumbs up or down. Steam is always switching it up.

This new implementation means that you can now totally reward your local reviewer for the latest in meme speak. The button in question is simply located next to the thumb icons. Of course, this will enable the storefront to be filled with even more meaningless blurbs, but that’s what we enjoy using comment sections for and any other means of feedback. At least, now there’s no false pretense. It may not be the best possible move Steam can do, but it is remarkably simple and ingenious nonetheless. Here’s a random selection, to let you see what the funny button looks like:

Aside from the “funny” button integration, Steam now also allows people to “follow” users, instead of friending them immediately. This option can be found in the “More” dropdown menu on a Steam user’s profile in the top right. If you want to test out the follow function, allow us to blatantly self-promote by offering personal profiles that you can click “follow” on.

It’s starting to sound a whole lot more like Facebook, that Steam platform. Maybe Valve wants more of those billions that Zuckerberg and co keep throwing around. Let’s hope that we won’t soon be flooded with surveys and other crap.

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