Wii U Minecraft Clone Cube Life: Island Survival Gets Creative Mode Screenshots

Fresh off its announcement just a few days ago, independent developer Cypronia has released a few screenshots for Cube Life: Island Survival, the Minecraft clone made for Nintendo Wii U. Images show the creative mode in the game, which serves as a free form of gameplay.

In Creative Mode, there are no restrictions. Instead, it’s possible to simply use the building cubes to create scenes, as seen in the screenshots we’ll put below. It’s going to look exactly like Minecraft; Cypronia made that clear when it made its transparent announcement. In that reveal, the company pitched Cube Life: Island Survival as a way for Nintendo fans to get their version of Minecraft, where every other platform had already received one.

Additionally, the company had choice words for UCraft, a project that was also going to be presenting the sandbox genre to Wii U owners, but has since dwindled in popularity. Cypronia felt their competition had squandered their focus and vowed to not do the same. With dozens of releases on DS, 3DS and Wii U, the publisher can count on a lengthy experience with the Nintendo platform, which strengthens its resolve.

Screenshots for Cube Life: Island Survival show some of the things that can be built, such as a nice house or a huge castle. There are also different biome settings, such as a rocket platform set midst a reflecting water pool or a sandy desert. The thing to take away from these screens is the slightly more refined block textures and enhanced lighting mechanisms.


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