Dark Quest On Steam Is Your Low-Cost Alternative To Warhammer Quest

Since Steam has dropped a giant load of games on its storefront this weekend, it’s been hard keeping up with anything that isn’t going after the same market over and over. We decided we’d dive in and pick out a few games with potential or notable hooks for your informative gain.

dark quest pc steam warhammer board gameplay screenshots

Recently, Dark Quest landed on Steam without much of a peep; not even the name is that grand. Still, the board game adaptation bears a striking resemblance to some of its competition, but with a much smaller price that might lure eyes away from the big boys. It costs €4.99 to play and that comes with no strings attached.

In short, the fantasy board game with a barbarian, dwarf and mage is exactly the HeroQuest property from Games Workshop, but without the actual name. Pretty much everything else is the same. Adventurers go over a tile grid, open doors that reveal differently-abled monsters, traps and secret doors. Treasure is scattered about, which can be used to acquire more spells or equipment. Each hero has their own skills and strengths, such as the dwarf’s ability to block tons of incoming attacks.

What caught our eye, however, is an indirect effect; much like Guild Commander had attracted us this weekend. Dark Quest’s timely release is highly convenient for those who have been irked by the pricing and problems of Warhammer Quest, Games Workshop’s official board game release. This alternative basically offers the same, in slight condensed format, without hassle or price gouging. Luckily, Warhammer Quest has been hard at work to address issues and comes out with frequent updates, but it doesn’t hurt to be able to look elsewhere, certainly not when it’s a straight shooter approach like this.

We played around with Dark Quest, so you can witness the similarities yourself and get more explanation about the game’s workings. Make sure to watch the gameplay commentary below:

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